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Chilly Days Are Chili Days

I’m a complicated guy, Modern Philosophers, but I have a very simply cooking philosophy: When it’s chilly, make chili. I’ve had a big pot of chili simmering on the stove all day.  The House on the Hill has never smelled … Continue reading

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Labor Pains

I was a little delirious from pushing myself so hard on my morning run, but I was fairly certain that when I returned to The House on the Hill, two of the ugliest demons I had ever seen were mowing … Continue reading

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Cheer, Cheer For St. Paddy’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Modern Philosophers!  Or Happy Paddy’s Day, as Melissa insists on calling it. I had expected today to be happiest Paddy’s Day in the celebrated history of The House on the Hill, but life has a way … Continue reading

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Chili, Notre Dame, and Star Wars: Living The American Dream

It’s been an interesting Saturday at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers. I went for my usual morning run, and was delighted to find that it was almost 60 degrees.  Aside from a strong wind over the last half … Continue reading

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Don’t Be So Cavalier With My Shillelagh

One of the worst things about Notre Dame having an afternoon game, Modern Philosophers, was that Maine’s lone Leprechaun was usually sober enough to cause a ruckus at The House on the Hill before kickoff. Seamus had spent the last … Continue reading

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Is That A Shillelagh, Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Whenever I hear a commotion on the roof of The House on the Hill, I know it’s one of two things, Modern Philosophers. And neither option is good. Either the Ghosts who live in my attic are freaking out and … Continue reading

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I Hope The Leprechaun Can’t Find Me On The Roof

“What are you doing up here?” Gary the Gargoyle asked as I climbed out of the attic window and onto the roof.  “Don’t you have a houseful of guests?” Gary was right, and I motioned for him to lower his … Continue reading

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