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Where Do All The Queries Go?

I thought I’d take some time to update you on my querying adventure, Modern Philosophers. Last July, I sent out about two dozen queries to agents in hopes of finding representation for the first Bruno novel.  I was armed with … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From The Brunoverse

Merry Christmas, Modern Philosophers! Christmas has thrown a monkey wrench into my writing schedule, but I wanted to take a few moments on Christmas morning to send you all warm, holiday wishes. You might have noticed that Aaron and Holly … Continue reading

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Good News Travels Faster Than I Can

I really love my new Garmin, Modern Philosophers. I have been running and walking more because I want to make use of all its exciting features.  I don’t think I’m running any faster yet, but that’s more a problem with … Continue reading

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Keep The Dream Fires Burning

It’s easy to let dreams die, Modern Philosophers. That’s just a basic truth.  Dreams need to be fueled with the fires of passion, hard work, commitment, and maybe even a little blind faith and dumb luck. The saying is “Chase … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Pages Gone?

One would think that someone who famously suffers from abandonment issues would never turn his back on anyone, Modern Philosophers. However, I’ve done exactly that to the characters in my novel. I have not written a single word of that … Continue reading

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The Editor From Hell

The Devil looked up from the Sunday paper and turned to me.  “I see that you’ve made a lot of progress on your novel.” I was working on it at the moment and nodded.  “Yeah.  It’s going really well.  The … Continue reading

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The Joy of Writing

I’ve got a busy night ahead of me, Modern Philosophers, writing monologue jokes for tomorrow’s special high school themed edition of The Nite Show, but I wanted to take a minute to write a post for the blog. I’ve really … Continue reading

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