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Is There Anybody Out There?

I know that’s a really deep Philosophical question for a Thursday night, Modern Philosophers, but I have been shaking things up a bit on the blog in the new year. My Post Traumatic Snow Disorder has been on my mind, … Continue reading

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Monsters Under The Bed Fleeing Maine At An Alarming Rate

Have you checked under your beds lately, Modern Philosophers? If you live in Maine, there’s an excellent chance you will discover that the Monster Under Your Bed has packed up and left for New Hampshire. According to the Bureau of … Continue reading

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A Day Of Thanks At The House On The Hill

Happy Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers! People have been asking me all week what my plans are, and I am happy to report that The House on the Hill will be packed today as I host a Thanksgiving Feast for my Otherworldly … Continue reading

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