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Does Amazon Offer Free Shipping On Global Warming?

Where the hell is this global warming I’m always hearing about, Modern Philosophers? Please don’t start sending hate mail to the blog.  I’m not wishing for anything bad to happen to the environment. I’m just tired of the Arctic temperatures … Continue reading

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Two Tales Of Opus: Comic Tales Of Love In Bloom

I was going through some old photos, Modern Philosophers, and I came across this classic. I would guess that I’m seventeen in the photo, which was taken at my childhood home in Brooklyn. I thought I’d share some stories about … Continue reading

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The Ice Storm

Stormy McBlizzardton & The Accu-Weather Rangers Say an awful Ice storm Is on Its way. The power Might go out. Driving will be Quite dangerous. Apocal-ice now. They warn me To stay inside. Why would I ever leave The House … Continue reading

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Cross Maine Penguins: Quit Puffin!

I was quite surprised today when I answered a knock on the front door of The House on the Hill to discover two penguins standing on my porch. “You’re Austin, right?” the one on the left asked.  “I’m Lydia and … Continue reading

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