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When The Writer’s Left Unsupervised

Last night was another new taping of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman, Modern Philosophers. The thing about writing a TV show is that all my work is done before the taping.  Once we are on the set, I have … Continue reading

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Take A Moment To Admire The View

What a difference a week makes, Modern Philosophers! Last weekend, I was very grumbly.  On Saturday, I gave myself the gift of nothing, which basically meant I could just sit around and do nothing. On Sunday, I published a post … Continue reading

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Travel Blog: My Driveway

I’m going to come clean, Modern Philosophers, and confess that I’ve always been envious of travel bloggers. They see the world, their photos are exciting, they eat well on their journeys, and they have the time and money to go … Continue reading

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Even Introverts Need Fresh Air

Someone asked me the other day, Modern Philosophers, how I’m able to go out for runs if I’m an introvert. I gave him that funny look I give to more people than I should have to, and explained that “introvert” … Continue reading

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In Search Of The Christmas Spirit

I caught the interns trying to sneak my artificial Christmas tree out of the basement today, Modern Philosophers. When I asked them what they intended to do with it, the one with the neck tattoo said she hoped putting up … Continue reading

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Who’s The Stranger On Our Porch?

Pay no mind to that stranger on your porch, Modern Philosophers.  It’s just me, and I’m totally harmless. I’m merely posing for a picture with your Christmas lights, and I’ll vanish into the darkness just as soon as I snap … Continue reading

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Maine: A Beautiful Postcard

It has been a long, trying week, Modern Philosophers, so I needed to change it up a little tonight in an attempt to shake me out of my funk. Rather than wandering around the neighborhood along my usual route on … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks For My Nite Show Family

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, Modern Philosophers, and I don’t feel at all overwhelmed by the spirit of the turkey loving Pilgrims. It was a long week.  The desk job has been draining in multiple ways.  The Nite … Continue reading

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In Sickness And In Snow

Everyone loves a good David & Goliath story, Modern Philosophers. In this version, I’m David and Winter Storm Goliath will be tackling the role of Goliath. I went to bed early last night, and set my alarm an hour early … Continue reading

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The Force Is Strong With The Nite Show’s Christmas Taping

Not so long ago, at a theater not at all far away, The Nite Show With Danny Cashman had its latest taping. As you can see from this first photograph, we had a very special guest at The Gracie Theatre … Continue reading

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