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Pluto Sues Planet 9 For Identity Theft

Our old friend Pluto is back in the news, Modern Philosophers.  Sadly, it’s not to announce its triumphant return to full planetary status. Ironically, Pluto’s return to the headlines is because a new planet has been discovered in our solar … Continue reading

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Scientists Downgrade The Great Pumpkin To Good

Halloween Season is in full swing in Maine, Modern Philosophers, and we’ve just had our first controversy. The same scientists that downgraded Pluto from a planet to whatever the hell it is now, have decided to trick, rather than treat … Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed Again…Thank You!

I was a little overwhelmed when I got home tonight, Modern Philosophers.  I grabbed the flashlight and jumped off the porch, into the neighbors’ snowy, icy yard to check if the roofers had indeed come today to fix the roof … Continue reading

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Pluto Trying To Buy Its Way Back To Big Boy Planet Status

The Milky Way Galaxy’s Annual Meetings are underway, Modern Philosophers, and the big talk this year is about Pluto’s attempt to get itself reinstated as a planet. My sources tell me that The Original Eight, as the remaining planets like … Continue reading

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As I toss and turn beneath the covers All I can think about Is Pluto How could they demote you Embarrass you like that After eons of service to the Milky Way? How can you be something for an eternity … Continue reading

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