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No Classified Documents Found In Blog Archives

I’ve never been much of a follower, Modern Philosophers, but since all the cool kids seem to be doing the Take Home Classified Documents Challenge, I wanted to be absolutely positive that I hadn’t caved to peer pressure. Since this … Continue reading

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The Mayor of Crazy Town

“You know how I’m always saying I should run for office?” Aaron broke the silence with quite the conversation starter. “Yes, I do,” Holly replied with a smile, “because every time you say it, I reply by stating that it … Continue reading

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Diary of an Unused COVID Face Mask

Dear Diary, I don’t understand people. Why am I sitting here in this box when I should be out there on someone’s face?  They realize there is a pandemic going on, right? Not only am I simple to use, but … Continue reading

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Biden’s European Apology Tour A Huge Success

The results are in, Modern Philosophers, and President Joe Biden’s recent trip to apologize to European leaders for his predecessor’s behavior has been declared a huge success! Sure, the cover story was that President Biden was traveling to Europe for … Continue reading

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Did Dorothy Travel To Oz With Three Republicans?

I have a lot of interesting Deep Thoughts while I’m running, Modern Philosophers.  They’re mostly limited to the usual suspects… Why do I hating running so much?  Why do I torture myself like this?  Why is that guy in the … Continue reading

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FDA Bans Sale Of Republican Kool-Aid

After bringing us good news about another vaccine being approved for emergency use, the FDA finally has some bad news, Modern Philosophers. The agency is banning the sale of Republican Kool-Aid, and has ordered that the product immediately be pulled … Continue reading

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The Ominous Shadow

They sat in silence on their benches on opposite sides of the path down by the river. It was cold.  Fourteen degrees by Holly’s last check of the temperature.  She didn’t like the quiet, but she could tell by Aaron’s … Continue reading

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Treason With A Capital Trump

It certainly wasn’t the birthday I expected, Modern Philosophers. Of course, it turns out this might not be the country I expected it to be, either. I’m not sure what I want to write about the events that took place … Continue reading

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President Elect Biden Names Santa Claus Postmaster General

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Modern Philosophers. Today, President Elect Joe Biden added to the overall Ho Ho Ho vibe in the country by asking Santa Claus to serve as his Postmaster General. “It was an easy … Continue reading

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Trump Creates New States, Awards Himself Their Electoral Votes

You’ve got to give the Trump Administration an A for creativity when it comes to finding new ways to avoid conceding the election, Modern Philosophers. In a move that not even the dead people who voted for Joe Biden in … Continue reading

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