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Sanders Makes Pollsters Feel The Bern!

Feel the Bern! I hope and pray, Modern Philosophers, that Bernie Sanders was thinking those three words last night as he watched the results of the Michigan Democratic Primary slowly roll in over the course of the evening. Sanders pulled … Continue reading

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Study Concludes That Monday Is No Raymond

It’s universally accepted, Modern Philosophers, that everybody loves Raymond. That fact was drilled into our heads from many years of watching Ray Romano’s award winning sitcom. Conversely, it’s fairly well known that pretty much everybody hates Monday.  However, since there’s … Continue reading

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“Treat” Widely Outpacing “Trick” In Early Halloween Polling

The Department Utilizing Statistics & Tables (DUST) released the results of some of its early Halloween polling today, Modern Philosophers. 73% of those polled, answered that they would prefer to receive “treats” over “tricks” this Halloween. When the poll was … Continue reading

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Study Shows 63% of Spelling Bees Take Place on Wens…I Mean…Wednesdays

A new poll released today by the Government Office of Official Polling (GOOP) revealed that over sixty percent of all spelling bees held in America take place on the day of the week that is most often spelled incorrectly. While … Continue reading

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