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Where The Devil Don’t Go

“Guess where I got to go this week,” The Devil challenged excitedly as he burst into the living room as if shot out of a cannon.  “I’ll even give you a clue: it’s someplace I haven’t been allowed to set … Continue reading

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Pope Bathes In Holy Water For Days After Trump’s Visit

Pope Francis was so effected by President Trump’s recent visit to the Vatican that the Pontiff bathed in holy water for several days after the Orange Menace departed. “The Holy Father wanted to ensure that he did not become possessed … Continue reading

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Pope Okays Chocolate Eucharist For Easter Mass

Pope Francis gave Catholics an early Easter present today, Modern Philosophers, when he announced that he has approved the use of chocolate Eucharists by churches at Easter Sunday Mass. The move, which drove old school Catholics to their rosaries to … Continue reading

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Heavenly Apprentice? Trump Tells The Pope He’s Fired

Donald Trump, having grown bored with picking on the other Republican Presidential Candidates, has decided to bully someone else in the week leading up to the South Carolina Primary, Modern Philosophers. And God knows, he couldn’t have picked a more … Continue reading

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Blood Moons, Eclipses, Floods…Is God Trying To Break Up With Us?

What if God was one of us?/ Just a slob like one of us?/ Just a stranger on the bus/ Trying to break up with us??? Joan Osborne might have written those first three lines, Modern Philosophers, but I had … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Asked To Exorcise Maine’s LePage Demons

Pope Francis has been asked to come to Maine, Modern Philosophers, to exorcise my state of its LePage Demons. That would be a reference to Governor Paul LePage, the man who seems hellbent on running Maine into the ground while … Continue reading

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Pope To Host Hot Wing Buffet For Father’s Day

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
Modern Philosophers, we are now living in a world where it isn’t truly a holiday unless Pope Francis is throwing some sort of party to celebrate! The Pontiff announced his plans…

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Disney Buys The Rights To The Bible; Sequels In The Works

Now that Disney has taken over the Star Wars saga and proven that The Force is strong with them, the company has decided to set its sights on the second greatest story every told. From Vatican City to Hollywood Blvd, … Continue reading

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Who Picks Up The Check When Zeus And Pope Francis Go To Lunch?

Despite the ugly weather, I’d decided to go out for a walk.  I was hoping the fresh air would clear my head of the thoughts that were leading me down a path darkened by black clouds and despair. The walk … Continue reading

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Try To Make It More Than Just A Good Friday…

It’s Good Friday, Modern Philosophers! That doesn’t mean you just have to settle for a good Friday, though.  Why not see if you can make it a great one? It’s Friday, after all.  The weekend is finally here.  It’s supposed … Continue reading

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