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Life Does Get Better?

I heard a rumor the other day, Modern Philosophers, that life does get better. I was raised to ignore rumors and innuendo, but sometimes I go against my strict upbringing if I think it might lead to something positive in … Continue reading

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Christmas: A New Hope?

“It’s the most Wonderful time Of the year!” They lied. “Your days Will be merry And bright!” They insisted. What they don’t Seem to realize Is that I Don’t see Christmas Through the same Rose and green Colored glasses. Every … Continue reading

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A Power Struggle Under The Toga

It was bound to happen sooner or later, Modern Philosophers. My express train of positivity jumped the tracks, flipped over, and exploded into a mighty fireball. Okay, it didn’t exactly happen that way. I really just wanted an excuse to … Continue reading

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There’s No Need For A Summer Blog-cation

I’ve read some comments on WordPress, and heard from a few blogger friends that things in the Blog World tend to slow down for the Summer. My question to you, Modern Philosophers is: “Why?” Who needs a Summer Blog-cation?  This … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Runner

The reluctant runner Does not want To get up early, Kick aside The warm, Comfy covers, And lace up His running shoes. He knows, However, That attendance Is mandatory Out on the road If he ever Wants to be The … Continue reading

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