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It’s An Honor Just To Tell You I’ve Been Nominated

Just when I was starting to think that this blog would never bring me fame and fortune, I got the call, Modern Philosophers. Actually, it was an email, this being the age of social media and all. It was from … Continue reading

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Trump Taps Burgermeister Meisterburger As His New Chief Of Staff

Despite the rumors that no one wanted the job, President Trump wasted very little time finding a replacement for outgoing Chief of Staff John Kelly, Modern Philosophers. According to a typo-riddled tweet sent in the wee hours of the morning, … Continue reading

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The Highly Anticipated Return of the Sunday Rejects

It’s been a long time, Modern Philosophers, since I’ve shared some of my monologue jokes with you. Now that we’ve survived Election Day, I thought we might celebrate by welcoming the Sunday Rejects back to the blog. As you know, … Continue reading

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The Devil Declines

President Trump: Thank you for your invitation to join you for Sunday Brunch at Mar-a-Lago, but I must respectfully decline due to a standing Sunday appointment that cannot be broken. While a well prepared meal at your favorite weekend getaway … Continue reading

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St Patrick Vows To Drive Snakes Out Of The White House

Forever poised to keep both Irish and American eyes smiling on the holiday that bears his name, St. Patrick held a press conference today outside of the NYC cathedral named after him to make a huge announcement, Modern Philosophers. “It … Continue reading

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How Does Trump’s Travel Ban Affect Leprechauns?

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching, Modern Philosophers, and the question on the mind of most Americans is:  How does Trump’s travel ban affect Leprechauns? Let’s face it…it’s not really St. Patrick’s Day if Leprechauns aren’t running wild through the … Continue reading

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Ghosts Refuse To Haunt Trump White House

More strange news from the White House, Modern Philosophers.  It was revealed today that the ghosts that have haunted the building for over two centuries refuse to go anywhere near it now that President Trump has taken up residence. According … Continue reading

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