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Is Trump Assembling A Breakfast Club?

As I was collecting my Deep Thoughts, Modern Philosophers, for the Friday Night Think Tank, my mind kept drifting back to the idea that President Trump’s White House is out of control.  Almost like it’s occupied by a bunch of … Continue reading

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Trump Replaces Cupid With Steve Bannon

If you were worried that President Trump had forgotten about Valentine’s Day, you can finally put your minds at ease, Modern Philosophers. With yet another Executive Order, President Trump has relieved Cupid of his annual duties and put Creepy Guy … Continue reading

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What’s Next For America?

Happy Veterans Day, Modern Philosophers! The flag has been flying proudly from the front porch of The House on the Hill all day.  Our country might be in turmoil, but we’re still Americans, still patriotic, and we still owe so … Continue reading

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Who Choked Harder: Hillary or America?

My fellow Americans and Modern Philosophers, I address you tonight from my basement bunker. Now that the election is over and Future President Trump has become President Elect Trump, I plan to live out the next four years in the … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: How Scary Is President Trump?

The Trump is out there, Modern Philosophers. Tomorrow is the Maine Republican Caucus, which means Trump is even closer to The House on the Hill than my stress levels can safely tolerate. Politics is fun when the politicians are far … Continue reading

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