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Raise Your Voice!

I’ve never really been one to speak up and fight for what’s important to me, Modern Philosophers. I was actually raised in a household where my stepmother preached the philosophy of “Children should be seen and not heard”. As a … Continue reading

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#NoTrumpsMatter Movement Grows As Election Approaches

Election Day is less than two months away, Modern Philosophers, and as fate hurtles us precariously closer to the reality of Future President Trump, civil unrest threatens to make the future even more apocalyptic. At the eye of the latest … Continue reading

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Trump 2016: Let’s Make America Riot Again

Do you remember the days, Modern Philosophers, when Americans used to riot in the streets? And I’m not talking about the times when it happened in a city after its team won or lost a major sporting event. I’m referencing … Continue reading

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Cows Demand Equal Milking Rights

An international organization of cows,  Bovines Against Monopolized Milking (BAMM), today demanded equal milking rights for their kind. “If you’re gonna milk us, we’re gonna milk you!” Betsy, the BAMM spokescow, proudly told this Modern Philosopher. Scores of cows pounded … Continue reading

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Angry Mothers Fight To Bump “Hump Day” From Calendar

Dozens of members of Protesting United Mothers Against Sexualization (PUMAS) took to the streets of Washington, DC today to urge the Federal Government to ban the use of “Hump Day” as a slang term for Wednesday. “Our children are subjected … Continue reading

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Women Named Emmy Seeking Injunction To Stop Tonight’s Emmy Awards

The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, honoring the best in American primetime television, are scheduled to be held tonight at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Modern Philosophers. That will not be happening, however, if fifty-seven American women named Emmy … Continue reading

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Wooden Soldiers To March On Washington To Protest Obamacare

It’s time for another March of the Wooden Soldiers, Modern Philosophers. This time, however, the guardians of the North Pole are marching through Washington, DC to protest President Obama’s Healthcare Plan aka Obamacare. “We’re sick and tired of just standing … Continue reading

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Church Group Declares KFC’s “I Ate The Bones” Campaign Pornographic

The good people of Bangor were blessed today with a visit from an uptight church group from Kansas known as “The Keepers of the Commandments”.  The group, which is currently making its way across the country to protest Kentucky Fried … Continue reading

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