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Is It Darwinism Or The Culling Of Trump’s Voter Base?

I’m rarely at a loss for words, Modern Philosophers.  It’s a condition that does not bode well for a writer, so when it happens, I take the time to stop and study the situation that caused it.  That only seems … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs To Picket Theaters Showing Jurassic World

ROAR!!! That thundering sound did not come from inside a movie theater, Modern Philosophers, but rather from a secret meeting of Maine’s chapter of Dinosaurs for the Ethical Treatment of Prehistoric Animals (DETPA). Maine’s Dinosaur population has gathered to discuss … Continue reading

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Maine Trolls Protest Excessive Bridge Construction

Maine’s Troll population is not pleased with what they are calling an “excessive amount” of bridge work being done by the Department of Transportation this Winter. Trolls braved the rain today to march outside of Governor LePage’s residence, but the … Continue reading

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