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Three Day Weekends Are The Bomb

Please excuse me, Modern Philosophers, if I’m not using hip, modern lingo properly.  After all, I am just a quirky introvert who rarely leaves the safe confines of The House on the Hill.  So I don’t rub elbows with trend … Continue reading

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Think Outside The Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day, Modern Philosophers! I continued my annual tradition of challenging complete strangers to boxing matches, and I am proud to say that I went 3-0 with one draw until the police arrived to break up the fun. Apparently, … Continue reading

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Relax…It’s A Holiday

It’s Memorial Day, Modern Philosophers. So many people asked me about my weekend plans, and my answer was very clear: I plan to spend it not working. Because that’s all I really care about on a holiday.  I’m just thrilled … Continue reading

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Go Away! I’m Reading

A couple of weeks ago, Modern Philosophers, I was blogging (whining) about how I didn’t seem to have enough time to accomplish everything I wanted to do over the course of a day. My days have not gotten any longer, … Continue reading

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Back In The Gas Guzzling Saddle Again

I went grocery shopping this morning, Modern Philosophers, and on my way to the store, I realized that it was the first time I’d driven in a week. That’s how relaxing this vacation has been. Driving isn’t one of my … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Take The Fifth

Dear Modern Philosophers, Happy Sunday!  Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day, and that there were no accidents related to the setting off of fireworks.  No one wants to spend the Fifth of July in the Emergency Room. I … Continue reading

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Double Burner

Why would anyone ever want to Burn a candle at both ends? Are you some sort of overachiever? Maybe Amish gone wild with fire? Cut it out, right this instant! Life Is Meant To Be A Slow Burn. Enjoy it. … Continue reading

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Vacate Immediately

I try Not to be Close-minded, But for The next Eleven days, My mind Will be closed For vacation! Goodbye, stress. Hello, Relaxation! Summer Will Not End Until This Modern Philosopher Has vacated The hustle And bustle. People Keep asking … Continue reading

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There’s Two Sides To Every Stressed Out Blogger

I was bored waiting for the mechanic to call, Modern Philosophers, so I decided to take a walk to pop in on my PCP, Dr. Jekyll. It was gnawing at me that I’ve been so stressed out this Winter, and … Continue reading

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