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Lucifer the Magnificent

I thought I had seen it all.  Then I walked into the living room of The House on the Hill on Easter Sunday to find the Devil preparing the put on a magic show. Instead of his usual impeccably tailored … Continue reading

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Is That Jesus In The Easter Bunny Costume?

Like most Americans, Modern Philosophers, I don’t listen to much British talk radio.  Not only is the distance a problem, but I also prefer not to be bored to death when I crank up the old wireless. Every once in … Continue reading

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What Would Jesus Think of Easter?

Happy Good Friday, Modern Philosophers! Back in the day, this meant a day off from Catholic school.  In the adult world, however, it was just another $%!##& day at work. Oh well.  Just because there’s a “Good” in the name, … Continue reading

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Pope Okays Chocolate Eucharist For Easter Mass

Pope Francis gave Catholics an early Easter present today, Modern Philosophers, when he announced that he has approved the use of chocolate Eucharists by churches at Easter Sunday Mass. The move, which drove old school Catholics to their rosaries to … Continue reading

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Would Jesus Survive A Walking Dead Easter?

Happy Easter, Modern Philosophers! I wanted to do something special for you to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your support of my writing. I was going to sneak into the house of every Modern Philosopher tonight and leave … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Mixed Martial March Madness

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers! It’s been a long week, and I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, so I’m really looking forward to relaxing in the Think Tank tonight while I generate some Deep Thoughts. What do you think of the … Continue reading

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Heavenly Apprentice? Trump Tells The Pope He’s Fired

Donald Trump, having grown bored with picking on the other Republican Presidential Candidates, has decided to bully someone else in the week leading up to the South Carolina Primary, Modern Philosophers. And God knows, he couldn’t have picked a more … Continue reading

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