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The Devil’s Alaskan Adventure

“Guess who’s back?” The Devil asked excitedly as he strode confidently across the living room.  “I brought wings!” As always, he was well dressed in an impeccably tailored suit.  In each hand, he held a platter overflowing with his famous … Continue reading

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Trump Hires Snow Miser To Quell Global Warming Talk

While temperatures skyrocketed into the 90s during the last week of September, Republicans panicked as renewed talk of Global Warming spread across the country faster than sweat across a hairy, fat man’s back during a heat wave, Modern Philosophers. Desperate … Continue reading

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Kinder, Simpler, Bushier Days

I miss The days, Not so Long ago, When we Could laugh About Jeb Bush. We all knew Jeb Would never Carry on The family business, But it Was fun To watch Him try To find A way To sneak … Continue reading

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Panicked Republicans Debate Trump’s Lobotomy

Just when you thought those entertaining Republican debates were over, Modern Philosophers, the biggest one of all has been happening without your even knowing it. Politic insiders are reporting today that a panicked GOP leadership has been meeting behind closed … Continue reading

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Make America Gooder Again!

One of my favorite things about writing this blog, Modern Philosophers, is getting to interact with you. Last night, I was grocery shopping and ran into my friend Trish, who immediately asked me when I was going to write about … Continue reading

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Trump Vetting Santa Claus For Vice President

In a move that some are laughing off as a publicity stunt, and others are applauding as a shrewd piece of political maneuvering, the Trump campaign today announced that it has been vetting Santa Claus as a possible Vice Presidential … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Are We Hopelessly Trumped?

It’s Friday night, Modern Philosophers! I know the Friday Night Think Tank has been closed for a long time, but it’s a gorgeous night, Def Leppard is in concert across the river, and I thought it would be a perfect … Continue reading

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