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Will Donald Trump The Robot Apocalypse?

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, I realize that I have totally neglected one major story because we’ve all been so distracted by the President Elect’s rise to power… The Robot Apocalypse! We’ve been so caught up in the … Continue reading

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That 70th Run Show

Today was the 70th run of my highly rated, award winning, critically acclaimed, soon to be adapted into a movie franchise, running program, Modern Philosophers. The mere fact that I’ve been able to keep myself on a 5 day a … Continue reading

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A Message From Above, Or Just The Robot Apocalypse?

Something odd just happened, Modern Philosophers, and I need your help to determine if it was a sign from the Fates, or just The Machines messing with me as part of The Robot Apocalypse. My brain is on fire from … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Spring Ahead Immediately

Dear Modern Philosopher, What time is it?  I’m so confused! Sincerely, Trapped In A Tear In The Space/Time Continuum Dear Trapped, Don’t panic.  You haven’t fallen through a tear in the space/time continuum. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for your … Continue reading

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Is Snow Miser The Machines’ Greatest Weapon?

As I was leading a survivalist class in the secure basement bunker of The House on the Hill today, a Deep Thought formed that very well might have been the key to setting back The Robot Apocalypse… Is Snow Miser … Continue reading

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Robot Apocalypse

We see you when you’re sleeping, We know when you’re awake, We soon will be enslaving you, So don’t fight for goodness sake… When the beautiful Christmas card with the giant Snowmen (pictured on the left) arrived at The House … Continue reading

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Put One In The Win Column For The Geeks

The Machines do not care that it is almost Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers. Their plans for The Robot Apocalypse do not grind to a halt simply because the humans they wish to enslave take a day off to stuff themselves with … Continue reading

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The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

It’s a mini miracle that you have a blog post to read tonight, Modern Philosophers! The Machines came at me with an unexpected, full frontal assault that rattled me so badly that I was in a panic.  Robot High Command … Continue reading

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Doc Brown’s Gift From The Future

Doc Brown has come back from the future with a gift for me, Modern Philosophers! As you know, Doc is not only one of my idols, but he is also the blog’s largest benefactor.  Because of Doc’s generosity, the blog … Continue reading

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Soccer On My TV? Another Sign Of The Robot Apocalypse!

The Robot Apocalypse is getting closer, Modern Philosophers! I know this because I turned on the TV at The House on the Hill, and soccer was on the screen.  Soccer!  The World Cup. Clearly the work of The Machines, acting … Continue reading

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