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Ferris Thinks I’m A Pussy

The first time your inner Ferris Bueller calls you a pussy can come as a really shocker, Modern Philosophers! I was in the bathroom at work, throwing some cold water on my face to help wake me up, and when … Continue reading

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Garbage Man

Garbage Day was on Wednesday in the neighborhood, which meant that all the trash was generally out on the curb by late  Tuesday night. The Sanitation Department in these parts was completely unpredictable.   Sometimes, the giant trucks rumbled through the … Continue reading

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Your Heart Shall Rise Above It All

My Gargoyle finally grew tired of waiting for me to seek out his advice and decided to bring his sage wisdom to me, Modern Philosophers. I heard the unmistakable sound of his claws against the front porch moments after I … Continue reading

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Incredibly Horrible Dating Tips

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Modern Philosophers! As you know, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of Summer, which means it is also the unofficial start of the Summer Dating Season. I really enjoying writing Dating Tips posts because the Hopeless … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Your Great White Whale

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers! I’m sorry that the Friday Night Think Tank has been closed for so long, but I went on vacation, life got very busy, and I simply haven’t had the time to chill out with my favorite … Continue reading

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You Never Forget Your First

I’m obviously talking about First Love, Modern Philosophers.  This is a family friendly blog, after all! As a Hopeless Romantic, I constantly generate Deep Thoughts about love, relationships, dating, and affairs of the heart.  Most of those thoughts have to … Continue reading

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Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Couples Actually Fight

While it’s long been believed that people in relationships are always happy, and never deal with interpersonal conflict, a groundbreaking new study reveals that this is not at all the case, Modern Philosophers. In fact, the study conducted at the … Continue reading

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