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Will You Be My Chief of Staff?

Happy Presidents Day, Modern Philosophers! Valentine’s Day always gets the spotlight as the big time holiday for romance, but did you know there’s a second day in February aimed at lovers? It’s Presidents Day, of course. Since Cupid’s big day … Continue reading

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The Undisputed Champions of Texas, Part 9

The Infinite Sheep was packed well beyond its intended capacity.  Had a fire marshal wandered in at that exact moment, there would have been two obvious problems. The first problem being that he would not actually have been able to … Continue reading

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The Undisputed Champions of Texas, Part 3

Aspen Roark used to hate her name.  She had no idea why her parents would hang such a pretentious albatross around her neck, but her theory was that it had something to do with trying to ensure future popularity. Someone … Continue reading

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When Does Life Start To Imitate Art?

I am a hopeless romantic, Modern Philosophers, with a definite accent on the hopeless part of that title. It’s not that I’m looking for love in all the wrong places, but more a case of love hiding from me so … Continue reading

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Ferris Thinks I’m A Pussy

The first time your inner Ferris Bueller calls you a pussy can come as a really shocker, Modern Philosophers! I was in the bathroom at work, throwing some cold water on my face to help wake me up, and when … Continue reading

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Garbage Man

Garbage Day was on Wednesday in the neighborhood, which meant that all the trash was generally out on the curb by late  Tuesday night. The Sanitation Department in these parts was completely unpredictable.   Sometimes, the giant trucks rumbled through the … Continue reading

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Incredibly Horrible Dating Tips

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Modern Philosophers! As you know, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of Summer, which means it is also the unofficial start of the Summer Dating Season. I really enjoying writing Dating Tips posts because the Hopeless … Continue reading

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How To Tell If Your Date Is Not Going Well

It’s Saturday, Modern Philosophers, and some of you might have a date tonight. As we’ve established, the dating world is not an easy place to survive without a little help.  That being the case, it’s time for another dating tips … Continue reading

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The Angel Wore Red, White, and Blue

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
I was out on the porch of The House on the Hill, grilling a burger for a quiet Fourth of July lunch, when the goosebumps began their patriotic march across my…

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The Swing

I went out For a walk This afternoon. No clear Destination In mind. Just searching For A little Fresh air To clear My aching head. Eventually, I found myself In a tiny park. No one else Was around. It was … Continue reading

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