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The Gym Ring Of Hell

“I know you’re an out of control running machine now, but what were you like back in gym class when the teacher forced you to run laps?” The Devil asked with mischief in his voice. My annoying Sunday guest was … Continue reading

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The Great Indoors

It was ten degrees below zero when I woke up this morning, Modern Philosophers, and twenty-three below with the windchill. I don’t care how dedicated I am to my fitness program, there is no way that I’m going out to … Continue reading

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Winning With The Winter Wonderland Workout

I was smart enough to take some time off after Christmas this year, Modern Philosophers. I never remember to do it, and I always regret that lapse in my memory when I’m struggling to get out of bed on the … Continue reading

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Secret Santa Dashing Through The Snow

‘Twas a week before Christmas at The House on the Hill, Despite all the snow, I’ve been out running still. I’ve been driving quite often, on snow covered roads, And somehow my head has yet to explode! I know I … Continue reading

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When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

“I noticed your post-run photo on my Facebook feed this morning,” The Devil informed me as he fished a bottle of Snapple out of the cooler.  “Ten degrees seems awfully chilly to be going outside for anything, let alone a … Continue reading

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My Arctic Adventure

Dr Jekyll has often told me, Modern Philosophers, that the best way to conquer my Post Traumatic Snow Disorder, is to go on little adventures to change my routine and shake those winter blues. Not only will the break from … Continue reading

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What If The Pilgrims Had Run A 5K Instead?

Far too many Americans are fat and out of shape, Modern Philosophers. Do you know who I blame for this? The Pilgrims. Those judgmental bastards with the horrible fashion sense could have ensured that this was a nation of healthy, … Continue reading

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