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But Trump Saved Us From An Alien Invasion

Aaron and Holly were practicing proper social distancing on their favorite benches in the park.  Since they were fifteen feet apart, they had their masks off and were enjoying their favorite beverages on a beautiful Sunday morning. “I spent a … Continue reading

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A Time Machine For Mom

I have a peculiar Mother’s Day tradition, Modern Philosophers. I like to spend the day in the garage working on my time machine.  I’ve been building it for years, and not making much progress, but I always set aside time … Continue reading

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Why Am I So Weird? Part 183

Happy Sunday, Modern Philosophers. It’s time, once again, for this blog’s longest running feature, where we take another crack at trying to answer my world’s most challenging Philosophical question: Why am I so weird? Over the many years of this … Continue reading

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Not My Leap Day!

I don’t know about you, Modern Philosophers, but as far as I’m concerned, today is March 1. All the calendars in the world can tell me it’s February 29, but I decline to accept that for personal and philosophical reasons. … Continue reading

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Coping With The Death Of My Fitbit

I’m not very good at dealing with loss, Modern Philosophers.  After years of rooting for the Jets, you’d think I’d be used to it by now, but it still gets to me. Maybe I’m an introvert because if I lock … Continue reading

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Slip, Fall, Get Up, Repeat

We all slip and fall metaphorically, Modern Philosophers, and how we rebound from that adversity is very important. Does the same thing trip us up time and again?  Do we let the misstep bother us, or do we learn from … Continue reading

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No Suits For You!

A friend recently asked if I had a suit for an upcoming function, Modern Philosophers. First off, I told her, I don’t do functions. I’m a devout Introvert, and I take the Commandments quite seriously… Thou shalt not go out … Continue reading

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Maybe Cupid Cares About Your Budget

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, Modern Philosophers.  I belong to a support group called Why Does Cupid Hate Us?, which is for people who have issues about being single.  Not everyone in the group is angry or bitter, but around … Continue reading

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Surviving My Amish Snow Day

It snowed for the last two days, Modern Philosophers.  That’s no news flash, as it snows almost every day this time of year. The difference this time, though, was that the snowstorm’s big encore was an ice storm.  The conditions … Continue reading

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If I See My Shadow On Super Bowl Sunday…

Happy Groundhog Super Bowl Sunday, Modern Philosophers! I’m not sure if Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl have ever fallen on the same day before today, and the interns are too lazy to research that, so I guess I’ll never … Continue reading

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