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Know Your Limits, And Then Push Them

I’m participating in another Wellness Challenge on the Virgin Pulse app, Modern Philosophers. If you recall, I won the Individual Title of the last Wellness Challenge by doing 30,000 steps a day for fifteen consecutive days. I swore to myself … Continue reading

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That Time I Met Ed Asner

If you follow this blog, you know I have met numerous characters since I’ve moved to Maine, Modern Philosophers. There have been Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Aliens, Gargoyles, Greek Gods, Guardian Angels, The Devil, and that crazy lady who offered … Continue reading

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Has King Klutz Become A Handyman?

There isn’t much chance that I will ever be confused with Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, Modern Philosophers. Tool belts are not a part of my wardrobe, and the closest thing I have to a power tool is my electric … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts Before Ice Cream

I woke up feeling like crap, Modern Philosophers.  And not just because I knew I had to go to work. Even though I was a tad under the weather, I pushed myself to go for my morning run.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Alaskan Adventure

“Guess who’s back?” The Devil asked excitedly as he strode confidently across the living room.  “I brought wings!” As always, he was well dressed in an impeccably tailored suit.  In each hand, he held a platter overflowing with his famous … Continue reading

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The Not So Magnificent Seven

Sometimes, the road rises up to kick my ass, Modern Philosophers. It seems that today is one such day. When that happens, I guess it becomes a matter of how I respond to that challenge. It has been incredibly windy … Continue reading

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Is The House On The Hill On Elm Street?

I’m beginning to think The House on the Hill has relocated to Elm Street, Modern Philosophers. I’ve always had nightmares, but over the last few nights, they’ve really been disturbing.  The kind that makes you jumpy all day. It’s gotten … Continue reading

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