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You Can’t Ask Santa Claus For That

Aaron sipped his Snapple and stared out at the river.  The clouds were out in full force, and he busied himself looking for discernible shapes in the sky. Holly sipped her coffee in silence as she stared across the path … Continue reading

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CDC Names “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Its Official Holiday Song

In an attempt to make their announcements sound less like harbingers of impending doom, the CDC today shared that it has selected an official song for the 2020 Holiday Season, Modern Philosophers. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” will have the … Continue reading

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I Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers! I know I usually try to make you laugh on this blog, but every so often, I like to mix it up. After all, the goal of this endeavor is to inspire deep thoughts to accompany … Continue reading

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Absentee Turkey Cravings

“I think I’m suffering from absentee turkey cravings,” Aaron announced from him bench. Before replying, Holly took a long sip of her coffee since it was a decidedly cold and windy day along the river. “I’m not sure what that … Continue reading

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Trump Adds 1700 Days to December to Delay Inauguration

I’m no legal expert, Modern Philosophers, but I’m pretty sure that Trump’s legal team is getting desperate in their attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Not only have they been unable to prove that the dead … Continue reading

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I See Dead Voters

“What really bothers me about the Republicans’ claims of voter fraud is that they claim dead people voted, but they don’t give us any specifics,” Aaron complained from his bench after taking a sip of Snapple. Holly nodded in agreement … Continue reading

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Trump Creates New States, Awards Himself Their Electoral Votes

You’ve got to give the Trump Administration an A for creativity when it comes to finding new ways to avoid conceding the election, Modern Philosophers. In a move that not even the dead people who voted for Joe Biden in … Continue reading

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President Biden…This Is The Way

It was an unseasonably warm November day in Maine as they sat along the waterfront. As always, they were on benches on opposite sides of the path with their masks at the ready.  It might have been a gorgeous Autumn … Continue reading

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Americans Finally Exhale As Biden Declared Winner

After what seemed like years, Joe Biden has finally been declared the next President of the United States, Modern Philosophers! For the first time since Tuesday, I’ve been able to exhale.  I had no idea that I’d been holding my … Continue reading

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The Patron Saint of Election Day

Holly sipped her coffee, and then smiled over at Aaron, before returning her mask to the ready position. Aaron nodded from his bench on his side of the path.  “Looks like you survived Halloween and the couple’s costume conundrum relatively … Continue reading

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