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Sticks and Stones

Holly took in a deep breath of fresh air and smiled. “I love football weather!” she exclaimed and then took a sip of her coffee. It was a gorgeous Sunday morning along the river in Maine.  The weather people would … Continue reading

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Where Has The Eagle Landed?

“That was awesome!” Aaron gushed as he sat down on their usual bench with the amazing view of the Penobscot River. “Agreed,” Holly concurred as she took her seat on her end of the bench. “I just wish I could’ve … Continue reading

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When Does Life Start To Imitate Art?

I am a hopeless romantic, Modern Philosophers, with a definite accent on the hopeless part of that title. It’s not that I’m looking for love in all the wrong places, but more a case of love hiding from me so … Continue reading

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Don’t Set Your Happiness Budget Too Low

I was raised by a very frugal woman to be extremely tight with money, Modern Philosophers. Don’t get me wrong, this philosophy has certainly come in handy at times.  It helped me to put myself through college on only a … Continue reading

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The Joy of Waiting

I am not a patient man, Modern Philosophers. To that point, I am impatiently drumming my fingers on the table while waiting for you to finally finish reading this post so you can like and comment on it. I do … Continue reading

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General Tso: Kitchen Warrior

Chinese takeout used to be a regular part of my diet, Modern Philosophers, which probably explains why I run so much. Once the pandemic hit, however, I stopped ordering any food that was not prepared by me in my introvert’s … Continue reading

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Self-Improvement Hack: Don’t Say It!

I think I’ve finally discovered something positive about social media, Modern Philosophers! Now I will admit that comment was somewhat provocative and controversial.  Did it make you want to say something mean or snarky in reply?  Have you already gone … Continue reading

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Vacating Reality

It was an overcast Sunday morning along the Penobscot River.  For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, the temperature had dipped below 60 degrees. Holly reacted to this temperature change by wearing a wind breaker and ordering … Continue reading

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It’s Hard To Die With The Sixth Sense

“I have a new movie mash-up to share!” Aaron declared with all the pomp and circumstance worthy of such important news. Holly clapped enthusiastically, and eventually rose to make it a standing ovation. She loved Aaron’s movie mash-ups.  Her best … Continue reading

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The Mayor of Crazy Town

“You know how I’m always saying I should run for office?” Aaron broke the silence with quite the conversation starter. “Yes, I do,” Holly replied with a smile, “because every time you say it, I reply by stating that it … Continue reading

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