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The Alien In My Closet

The Alien In my closet Refuses To come out And explore The rest Of my house. He insists That his mission Is to explore Strange, new worlds And nothing He has seen On Earth So far Intrigues him As much … Continue reading

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NASA To Send Up Probe To Make Sure The Sun Is Still Out There

NASA has finally come up with a project to keep it busy, Modern Philosophers! It was decided that the once formidable American space program would run an errand for the citizens of this great country, who are freezing off their … Continue reading

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Modern Philosopher vs. Ancient Technology

Before I starting wearing my toga full time, Modern Philosophers, I was a man who was often plagued by dark clouds.  They followed me everywhere, darkened my days and mood, and became such a fixture in my life that I … Continue reading

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When You Wish Up In The Stars…

For the first time in an eternity, Modern Philosophers, I am saddened by the fact that it’s Friday.  This means my most excellent vacation will soon be coming to an end. It doesn’t mean, however, that I have to sit … Continue reading

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Maine Aliens Laugh At Concept Of Enslaving Mankind

I hosted a “Falling Skies” viewing party at The House on the Hill last night.  My Alien friends from all over Maine gathered to watch the two hour season premiere, and to provide a running commentary on the action (we … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Played With Robot Fire

My fellow Modern Philosophers, I need to ask a favor of you.  Many of you are following the blog regularly (thank you so much!) and others check in sporadically, but you should understand by now that I post here every … Continue reading

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