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My Christmas Stocking Is Longer Than Yours

Christmas Is almost here, So I think We finally need To talk About your issue With the size Of my stocking. I know It bothers you That my stocking Is much longer Than yours, But you can’t Blame me For … Continue reading

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Let Easter Viagra Resurrect Your Love Life!

Easter doesn’t just have to be for the kiddos anymore, Modern Philosophers! This year, if you ask real nice (and your doctor says your heart is safe for sex!) the Easter Bunny might bring something special for those adults looking … Continue reading

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And That’s Why California Is A Swing State

Swingers is one of my all time favorite movies, Modern Philosophers, but sometimes, hearing the title of the flick sends shivers down my spine. I rarely talk about my marriage on the blog, and there are several reasons for that.  … Continue reading

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How Snow Miser Got His Groove Back

After an extremely mild Winter, Maine has been pummeled by two snowstorms in the last five days, Modern Philosophers. Of course, no one is more delighted about this than I am, I said sarcastically to no one in particular. I … Continue reading

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Angry Mothers Fight To Bump “Hump Day” From Calendar

Dozens of members of Protesting United Mothers Against Sexualization (PUMAS) took to the streets of Washington, DC today to urge the Federal Government to ban the use of “Hump Day” as a slang term for Wednesday. “Our children are subjected … Continue reading

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