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A Snow Shoveler’s Lament

Seriously? Really? Another blizzard? We’re already Covered In an icy, White blanket. Snow Miser, Why must you Torture us? Where will we put All the snow? How will we clear All the streets? My shovel Never seems To leave my … Continue reading

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The Winter Wonderland Workout

I was pretty hard on myself last week, Modern Philosophers, for not keeping up with my workouts.  That changed today. I got in my best workout in over a month, putting in about an hour and a half of cardio … Continue reading

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Snow Miser’s Early Christmas Present

I was excited to get back to The House on the Hill earlier than usual today, Modern Philosophers, after going to work early because of the snow. I wasn’t as thrilled when I found a shovel leaning against my porch … Continue reading

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Enterprising Shovel Manufacturer Buries Treasure Somewhere In Maine

Broderick “Bronco” St. Germaine did not become a multimillionaire by just sitting back and resting on his laurels like most lazy Frenchmen do.  Instead, he has worked furiously to turn his family’s Maine based shovel manufacturing company into a powerhouse … Continue reading

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