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Flying Solo on Valentine’s Day

I didn’t even realize it was Valentine’s Day, Modern Philosophers, until after my run when I was scrolling through Facebook. Facebook friends who are in a relationship would never allow the rest of the world to forget Valentine’s Day. How … Continue reading

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The Dating Dead: My Romantic Apocalypse

It’s Saturday night, Modern Philosophers, and the only date I have is with a bowl of ice cream and the Notre Dame game. I thought that rather than writing my usual Dating Tips post, I’d turn the tables and focus … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Favorite Things About Being Single

I had a revelation while in the bathroom this morning, Modern Philosophers. Don’t worry, it’s nothing gross.  I noticed that the toilet paper roll was almost finished.  I thought to myself “I’m single, I live alone, I can get crazy … Continue reading

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Too Hot To Do Anything But Ramble…

Happy Hump Day, Modern Philosophers. It’s too hot to write anything that makes sense, and no one reads blogs anyway during the Summer, so I thought I’d just ramble for a few hundred words. “Gee, Austin, how is that any … Continue reading

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