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I Slept Past 10AM: Now I’m Doomed!

The plan for this morning, Modern Philosophers, was to get up early and go for a run. And I was serious about the running thing. I had my running clothes ready to go. I’d even bought a scale yesterday. You … Continue reading

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Sleep, You Glorious Bastard!

I didn’t roll out of bed until 8:45 this morning, Modern Philosophers. And it was simply glorious. With all the overtime I’ve put in lately, this is the latest I’ve slept in ages.  To give you a little perspective, on … Continue reading

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My Adventures In Sleep Running

I’m not going to point fingers at who is responsible for my going out for a run in a Zombie-like state this morning, Modern Philosophers, because I am getting a witty blog post out of the situation. However, let’s just … Continue reading

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Sleeping On The Couch: It’s Not Just For Troubled Relationships

There was a time, Modern Philosophers, when sleeping on the couch would have meant that I was in the doghouse. Yet again. In fact, I’ve always equated a night spent on the couch as a very bad sign. It meant … Continue reading

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Put One Foot In Front Of The Other…

…And soon you’ll be walking out the door, Modern Philosophers! I often find that the hardest part of my morning run is getting out the door of The House on the Hill to take that first stride. On the weekends, … Continue reading

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Not A Morning Person

I’ve never been a morning person, Modern Philosophers. That’s never more evident than when the alarm clock shrieks far earlier than normal because Mr. Fitness decided the night before that he wanted to get up for a morning run. Mr. … Continue reading

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