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The Snapple Discount Conundrum

I like Snapple, Modern Philosophers. If you read this blog, and haven’t picked up on that fact by now, I’m going to have to question your reading comprehension skills. Virtually every afternoon, when the work day really gets me down, … Continue reading

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Go To Hell, Fetch Me A Snapple

“Where the Hell is it?” I screamed as I peered into the fridge at the very spot where the item in question was supposed to be. I was not in the mood for this, and it was time for my volcano … Continue reading

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The Elusive Maine Sun Devil

“I don’t understand why we don’t do this more often,” The Devil stated as he put his feet up on the front porch railing and reached for his bottle of Snapple. The handmade Italian shoes that he rested on the … Continue reading

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Belated Blog Birthday Bash

In all the excitement over the Halloween Weekend, Modern Philosophers, I forgot to mention that it was the blog’s birthday. Yesterday, the blog turned three.  It’s growing up so fast, and it seems like only yesterday it had two followers … Continue reading

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All Day Lawn Party! Who’s Bringing The Snapple?

It is such a beautiful Summer day in Maine, Modern Philosophers! The sun is out, there’s a nice breeze, and I am enjoying my vacation.  Wish you were here. In fact, why don’t you come to The House on the … Continue reading

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Who Knew Death Loved Snapple?

I suffered through a long day at work, Modern Philosophers, dealing with this Winter Malady that has its claws firmly in me.  When I wasn’t coughing or sneezing, I was blowing my nose or clearing my throat.  It made for … Continue reading

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What The Hell? The Devil Took My Last Snapple!

All I could think about all day, Modern Philosophers, was clocking out, going home to The House on the Hill, and unwinding on the porch with an ice cold Snapple. So I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I found the last … Continue reading

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