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Can’t I Get A Snow Day?

I looked up from my book to see The Devil standing in front of me. Dressed, as always, in an impeccably tailored suite, my Sunday guest had a devilish grin on his handsome face and held out a bottle of … Continue reading

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Secret Santa Dashing Through The Snow

‘Twas a week before Christmas at The House on the Hill, Despite all the snow, I’ve been out running still. I’ve been driving quite often, on snow covered roads, And somehow my head has yet to explode! I know I … Continue reading

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Aliens Don’t Get Earthlings’ Fascination With Snow

Sometimes, when I get too stressed, Modern Philosophers, I hitch a ride on the Alien Mothership that hovers high above Bangor, and spend a night up in the stars. The Mothership is enormous, but something about it feels warm and … Continue reading

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