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Based On A Totally Untrue Story

“Thanks again for letting me read the new chapter of your work in progress,” Holly said excitedly from her side of the path as she warmed her hands on her cup of coffee.  “I was just excited to see you … Continue reading

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Don’t You Be My Valentine!

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Holly yelled enthusiastically from her side of the path. Aaron groaned from his side, and then took a long sip of his Snapple. “Don’t start that crap,” he grumbled. “What do you mean?” she shot back innocently.  … Continue reading

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A New Grip On Reality

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed the vanishing act I pulled on Tuesday morning, Modern Philosophers. I wrote a post Monday night about receiving my second Coronavirus vaccination.  Then I deleted it about twelve hours later. I wanted … Continue reading

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Not So Super Sunday

Holly waited for Aaron to lower his mask and take a sip of his Snapple before she hit him with her question. “Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?” She knew he was going to give her some sort … Continue reading

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Why Did I Move To The Arctic Circle?

“Why did I move to the Arctic Circle?” Aaron asked as he shivered on his bench on his side of the path. Holly sipped her coffee, stamped her feet to keep them warm, and stared across at her best friend … Continue reading

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A Return To Wally World

It was a frigid 13 degrees down by the Penobscot River, so Holly chugged her coffee and stamped her feet to keep warm. Across the path, on his bench, Aaron sat in silence and stared at the water.  The cold … Continue reading

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Just One, But It Doesn’t Count

“Aaron, why are we sitting here on New Year’s Day when it’s freezing, and you admittedly hate this holiday?” Holly demanded from her bench on the opposite side of the path. “I got you a coffee,” Aaron barked from his … Continue reading

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No More Resolutions

Aaron waited until Holly pulled down her mask and sipped her coffee before he broke the silence. “Before you ask, I will not be participating in whatever ridiculous shenanigans you have planned for New Year’s Eve.” He lowered his mask, … Continue reading

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Who’s Up For A Second Christmas?

Merry Christmas, Modern Philosophers! I had an intriguing idea, and I thought I’d break the monotony of my lonely Christmas by sharing it with you in a blog post. Normally, I’d label this a brilliant idea, but with the way … Continue reading

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Stuff My Stocking And Deck The Halls

For a December day in Maine, it was rather mild.  There was snow on the ground, a chill in the air, and the running path along the river was quiet. The only two people around sat on benches on opposite … Continue reading

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