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Is There An Evil Magician In The House (On The Hill)?

“I always hoped that if you were to emulate me in any way, it would be with your wardrobe,” The Devil informed me out of the blue.  “Nothing against togas, mind you, but you simply cannot beat an impeccably tailored … Continue reading

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Vulcan, My Disdain Is Highly Logical

Winter Storm Vulcan, You have Long overstayed Your welcome. It’s time For you To boldly go Where all Winter storms Have gone before. Drift out To sea Or go Search for Spock. Just get Far away From Maine. It’s storms … Continue reading

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Using My Psychic Powers To Thwart A Vulcan Invasion

Winter Storm Vulcan arrived in Maine a few hours earlier than expected, Modern Philosophers. The office is always abuzz when a blizzard hits.  Everyone is a little nervous, we all grow concerned, and no one really wants to deal with … Continue reading

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