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Go Stuff Yourself

Thanksgiving time Is back again, And that can only mean One thing… You must give in To the deepest, Darkest, Highest caloric Desires of your belly. Sure, this holiday Is about gratitude. I mean, It’s right there In the name, … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Stuff It Real Good!

Dear Modern Philosopher, I am in a pickle, and could really use your help. I convinced my girlfriend, who I REALLY love, to allow me to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.  Her family lives far away and we don’t have the money … Continue reading

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Mr. Potato Head Wants You To Eat More Stuffing On Thanksgiving

Mr. Potato Head was in Maine today, Modern Philosophers, to film a Holiday Public Service Announcement. “Save a potato, eat more stuffing!” Mr. Potato Head shouted at this Modern Philosopher as we enjoyed a Snapple on the set.  “That’s the … Continue reading

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Seriously, Stuffing!

Seriously, stuffing, Why do I only Make you Once a year? You are So simple To prepare, And even simpler To devour. I love you With gravy, Or straight Off the stove. Heck, I even Love you Leftover and cold. … Continue reading

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