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A Taxing Day Off

I made my annual journey across the bridge to the Bangor Public Library today, Modern Philosophers. I was not seeking out Stephen King’s latest novel, however. I was there to file my income taxes, and see if Uncle Sam was … Continue reading

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I Caught The Tax Man Checking Out My Assets

Happy Writer’s Day, Modern Philosophers! As you know, Writer’s Day is the holiday I created to celebrate the fact that I am a writer, that I work very hard at my craft, and that being a writer is awesome! Writer’s … Continue reading

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IRS To Crackdown On Scofflaw Lemonade Stand Operators

As this heatwave continues to leave the United States a sweaty, dehydrated mess, agents of the IRS have somehow found the energy to go after a new kind of tax cheat… Lemonade Stand Operators! That’s right, Modern Philosophers…those big meanies … Continue reading

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9 Out Of 10 People Believe The 10th To Be A Total Weirdo

A new study released today by the Department Utilizing Statistics & Tables (DUST) revealed that 9 out of 10 people believe the 10th to be a total weirdo, Modern Philosophers. Over two million Americans participated in the survey which was … Continue reading

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Government Might Add Game Show Element To Income Tax

The Federal Government announced that it is considering adding a “Game Show Element” to the income tax process. IRS spokesperson Henrietta Bloch explained: “The government loses hundreds of millions of dollars each year in uncollected income tax.  We believe that … Continue reading

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President Obama Wants To Tax Gifts From Santa Claus

It’s safe to say that President Obama just made every American’s Naughty List. Word around the Capitol today, Modern Philosophers, is that the President wants to tax us on the gifts we get from Santa Claus! “We tax other gifts, … Continue reading

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The Library: It’s Not Just For Books

I really need to start going to the library more (The Girl Who Shares My Inside Jokes is giggling loudly right now, but just ignore her).  The Bangor Public Library, depicted in the photo at the left, is an amazing … Continue reading

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