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Six Months Later

“Happy Anniversary, Barry Allen,” The Devil announced with a smile upon entering the living room.  “It was six months ago that you began your grand transformation from lazy, overweight man on the couch to The Flash.  Congratulations.” My Sunday guest … Continue reading

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Superhero Envy

“You know what I really hate about you mortals?” The Devil bellowed before I even saw him. He finally strode into view wearing an impeccably tailored suit and a frown, and then stood in the doorway to the living with … Continue reading

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Can The Flash Be My Wingman?

Do you think The Flash is available to be my wingman, Modern Philosophers? I know he has his hands full keeping Central City safe from the big bads, but a superhero is supposed to help anyone in need, right? Well, … Continue reading

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I Am Becoming The Flash

Maybe the title of this post would be a cool headline for my online dating profile, Modern Philosophers. I mean, I don’t want the ladies to think I’m super fast at everything.  Obviously, there are some things in life better … Continue reading

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Let Writing Be Your Superpower

Watching a double feature of Supergirl and The Flash on my DVR the other night, Modern Philosophers, made me wish for two things: That a woman like Melissa Benoist, aka Supergirl, would wander in my life. That I had my … Continue reading

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Is The Flash Santa’s Secret Weapon?

The fact that Barry Allen aka The Flash was at The House on the Hill should not surprise you, Modern Philosophers. After all, the World’s Fastest Man needed something from me, I wanted a cool story for the blog, and … Continue reading

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The Flash Hospitalized With The Runs; Embarrassed Superhero Chuckles At The Irony

The nasty flu bug that’s been scampering around Maine has even managed to catch up with the fastest man alive.  The Flash was admitted to Eastern Maine Medical Center today after a desperate 911 call stating that he was too … Continue reading

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