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Maybe The Last Jedi Will Teach Me

What a wonderful surprise I got at lunch today, Modern Philosophers, when I checked Facebook and learned that the next Star Wars movie officially had a title! Star Wars: The Last Jedi I liked it right off the bat because it … Continue reading

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Trump…A Disturbance In The Force

I had a serious headache that only grew worse as the day progressed, Modern Philosophers. At first I blamed work.  It has a tendency to melt my brain, and as that organ slowly liquefies, I generally develop a nagging headache. … Continue reading

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My Journey To The Dark Side (Of The Street)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I went for a run, Modern Philosophers. Actually, it was just this morning, but I’m a bit delirious and dehydrated. These are the sweaty dog days of Summer, and I … Continue reading

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How To Properly Use The Jedi Mind Trick On A Date

Star Wars Day is the perfect time to share some dating tips that involve the use of the Jedi Mind Trick, Modern Philosophers. I have been training and researching this topic for months, and then went on several dates to … Continue reading

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May The Force Be With You, Runner Boy!

I was two miles into my morning run, Modern Philosophers, when my body gave out, and I collapsed in a heap on Eastern Avenue.  My lungs were burning, there was a pain in my side, and my legs felt so … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Use The Force!

Dear Modern Philosopher, I’m in a bit of a jam and I could really use some sage advice and guidance.  I’m just a teenage farmer from…well, let’s just say a place far, far away. Suddenly, I’m in the middle of … Continue reading

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Come To The Dark Side! (We Have Desk Lamps…)

Not such a long time ago, in an office far, far away, I was tempted to the Dark Side, Modern Philosophers. As anyone who’s ever seen a Star Wars flick knows, every Jedi faces that inner battle to ward off … Continue reading

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Might The Fours Be With You?

A Stormtrooper wandered into a bar after a rough day on the Death Star.  He had just worked a double shift, his squad commander had been a hard ass, and his girlfriend was giving him hell because he never spent … Continue reading

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