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Trump Preemptively Fires Random Americans From White House Jobs

President Trump today fired 5,000 Americans from jobs in the White House. Predictably, the citizens, who had never worked for the President or at the White House, were caught off guard by the move. The termination notices were sent out … Continue reading

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Mike Pence Is Calling To Assure You He’s Ready

If you’re like me, Modern Philosophers, you probably ignore incoming calls if you don’t recognize the number. Well, you might want to rethink that strategy because you could be missing a call from Vice President Mike Pence. According to multiple … Continue reading

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St Patrick Vows To Drive Snakes Out Of The White House

Forever poised to keep both Irish and American eyes smiling on the holiday that bears his name, St. Patrick held a press conference today outside of the NYC cathedral named after him to make a huge announcement, Modern Philosophers. “It … Continue reading

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Ghosts Refuse To Haunt Trump White House

More strange news from the White House, Modern Philosophers.  It was revealed today that the ghosts that have haunted the building for over two centuries refuse to go anywhere near it now that President Trump has taken up residence. According … Continue reading

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Trump’s White House: America’s Scariest Haunted House

Halloween Season is in full swing in Maine, Modern Philosophers, and with Election Day a mere month away, it was time to vote for America’s Scariest Haunted House. With so many amazing haunted properties to choose from, this annual tradition … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: That’s Debatable

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers! I somehow managed to survive what felt like the longest work week of my life, and as I sit exhausted out on the porch of The House on the Hill, I find myself in a very … Continue reading

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