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Hey, Doc, Have You Got The Time?

Hey, Doc, Have you got the time To help a guy in need? I cannot see the future Because I’m dwelling In the past. My insurance says You’re out of network But who can put a price On peace of … Continue reading

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Man Running From His Past, Catches Up With His Future; Chaos Ensues

Today, Modern Philosophers, Maine experienced an event that seemed ripped from the pages of a Michael Crichton novel that had been rewritten by Stephen King. Police officers, Firefighters, EMTs, HAZMAT teams, Theoretical Physicists, Alien Scientists, and my good friend Doc … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Turn Back The Crazy

Dear Modern Philosopher, I’m REALLY hoping you can help me.  My friend who reads your blog told me about your advice column.  I don’t have health insurance, so I can’t be like some hoity-toity rich person and go to a … Continue reading

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Modern Philosopher Healing Phortune Cookies

“I truly hope that time heals all wounds because the cost of traditional healthcare is getting out of control!”  — The Man in the Toga Don’t worry, Modern Philosophers, I’m not going to launch into a lecture on our healthcare … Continue reading

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