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Random Rainy Tuesday Ramblings

I set the alarm clock so I could get up early to workout, Modern Philosophers, but once I was awake, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Instead, I felt achy and sore. So I decided to scrap the plans to exercise … Continue reading

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Monday Invades Tuesday; Rest Of Week Prepares For War

If Monday felt a little longer than normal this week, Modern Philosophers, there’s a very good reason for it… After weeks of “war games” and “troop exercises” near the border it shares with Tuesday, Monday finally ordered several platoons to … Continue reading

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My Forbidden Love Affair With Tuesday

Just thought I’d share a little Tuesday love as we come down from our Presidents’ Day high…

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Tuesday Cracks Under The Pressure Of Following A Long Weekend

If you thought today didn’t feel like a Tuesday, you were not alone, Modern Philosophers. A spokesperson for the Calendar Commission has confirmed that Tuesday had a nervous breakdown and had to be rushed to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. … Continue reading

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Tuesday, Having Long Been Tormented For Its Heftiness, Gets Its Annual Day In The Sun

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.  That means that today is Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday.  This is the one day out of 365 (366 if it’s…

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Tuesday, Feeling Insignificant, Runs Away; Other Days Of The Week Quite Worried

Goodbye, Moody Tuesday… The Calendar Commission definitely has a problem on its hands.  This Modern Philosopher has learned that Tuesday, the day of the week that bridges Monday and Wednesday, has disappeared without a trace. While the Commission is not … Continue reading

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