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Wild Turkeys Couldn’t Drag Me Away

After what happened to Maine’s Werewolves during the Blood Moon Eclipse, I was a little wary to exit The House on the Hill this morning when I saw the full moon staring down at me, Modern Philosophers. The moon isn’t … Continue reading

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Turkeys Building Time Machine To Alter Menu At First Thanksgiving

The turkeys are at it again, Modern Philosophers! Just two days after their Mad Turkey Disease Hoax was uncovered (Turkeys Admit To Hoax), the North American Society of Turkeys – East (NAST-E) is back in the news. This time, however, … Continue reading

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Turkeys Seek Asylum At The House On The Hill

It was a crisp Autumn day in Maine, Modern Philosophers, and I was still running on the fumes of my Election Day voting high when I got a big dose of reality… Thanksgiving was on the horizon. How do I … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Border Patrol Requests Back Up

This just in to the Modern Philosopher News Desk: Border Patrol Agents in Northern Maine are asking for additional personnel to be assigned to the main crossings near the Canadian border.  The problem is not what you’d expect, however. Apparently, … Continue reading

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