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Thousands of Panicked Mainers Call to Report Strange Object in the Sky; Authorities Determine It’s Just the Sun

What is that weird, glowing thing in the sky? It seems to be emitting heat. Is it going to destroy us???

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“My Head Is Bigger Than Yours!” Mayor McCheese Courts Maine’s Alien Voters

Mayor McCheese, long thought to be incumbent Governor Paul LePage’s biggest threat in the upcoming Maine Gubernatorial Election, took his campaign to the skies very high above the state today. The Independent Party candidate met with about 15,000 ardent supporters … Continue reading

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UFO Crash In Maine Leads To Discovery Of Mummy’s Tomb

An inexperienced Alien pilot at the helm of an expensive spacecraft may have led to one of the most important historical finds of the 21st Century. The Blorvian Star Cruiser that crashed deep in Maine’s Western Woods today led rescue … Continue reading

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