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How To Make Yourself More Enticing For Alien Abduction

Many of you have mentioned, Modern Philosophers, that you are jealous of my getting to travel across the galaxy in the Mothership that is home to Maine’s Alien population. While I don’t get to race among the stars that often, … Continue reading

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Aliens Don’t Get Earthlings’ Fascination With Snow

Sometimes, when I get too stressed, Modern Philosophers, I hitch a ride on the Alien Mothership that hovers high above Bangor, and spend a night up in the stars. The Mothership is enormous, but something about it feels warm and … Continue reading

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Alien Teens Stealing Maine Cows For Joyrides Over The Moon

Hey diddle diddle, Modern Philosophers, did you hear about Maine cows recreating the famous bovine jump over the moon? Apparently, some rambunctious and rebellious teenage members of Maine’s Alien population have been going for joyrides to the moon and stealing … Continue reading

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Aliens Help Patriotic Mainers Salute All 50 State Flags On Flag Day

Happy Flag Day, Modern Philosophers!  The flag is flying proudly at The House on the Hill, and I have just returned from a wonderful adventure that allowed me to salute Old Glory (and every state flag) in all 50 states … Continue reading

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Ranting & Raving: Student Driver Edition

I’ve been proud of myself, Modern Philosophers, for not having used the Ranting & Raving option yet in this blog.  However, it’s time to tear this one out of the original packaging and finally put it to use.  It is … Continue reading

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