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Will Trump Go After Bookstores Next?

You know President Trump isn’t going to stop with putting the US Postal Service out of business, right, Modern Philosophers? He’s like one of those evil bullies from an 80s teen comedy.  The more he succeeds in being a prick, … Continue reading

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Refusing To Go Postal

I’m a creature of habit, Modern Philosophers. Every Sunday, I pay the bills.  Since I’m old school, this means sometimes putting an actual check in an envelope and sending it out into the world via snail mail. On Monday morning, … Continue reading

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The Devil Delivers For You

“When exactly did you take over control of the United States Postal Service?” I demanded of my visitor the second he entered my living room. “Clearly, you have me confused with someone else,” The Devil replied without breaking stride.  “I’m … Continue reading

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