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Friday Night Think Tank: Desert Island Genie

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers! You survived the work week, but are you up for a Philosophical challenge in the Think Tank tonight? I’m in a playful mood, and tonight’s topic is all about survival, risks, challenges, and rewards.  A Philosophical … Continue reading

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Tipsy Genie In Wine Bottle Sued For Malpractice

Christopher Patton of Milford thought that his first date had gone from okay to magical when the bottle of wine he’d bought for the occasion turned out to contain a Genie. “It had been going okay as far as first … Continue reading

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Boy Falls Into Wishing Well; Refuses To Use His Wish To Save Himself

Tragedy struck Paul Bunyan Park in Bangor today, Modern Philosophers, when a young boy fell into the park’s wishing well. Timmy LeClerk, age 8 1/2 of Brewer, had just made a wish and leaned over the edge to see if … Continue reading

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Due To Budget Cuts, Genies Can Now Grant Only Two Wishes

The Worldwide Association of Genies (WAG) announced today that due to budget cuts, any Genie released from a lamp would only be allowed to grant two wishes. “While it has been a longstanding tradition for our members to grant three … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Magic Easter Basket Edition

It’s Friday night, Modern Philosophers! This was anything but a good Friday, so when I went grocery shopping, I spent some time in the candy aisle.  I don’t usually buy myself Easter treats, but it was that kind of day … Continue reading

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When I Wish Upon A Star

When I wish Upon a star, I ask to be Right where You are. Because everything My heart desires Is there With you. Common sense Tells me That wishing Doesn’t work, But the Hopeless romantic In me Listens to His … Continue reading

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The Christmas Present

So, Santa, Am I going To get What I Requested For Christmas? I’ve been A very Good boy All year, And I’m bored. I think I deserve The only thing On my Wish list. Please, Santa, My heart Can’t take … Continue reading

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When You Wish Up In The Stars…

For the first time in an eternity, Modern Philosophers, I am saddened by the fact that it’s Friday.  This means my most excellent vacation will soon be coming to an end. It doesn’t mean, however, that I have to sit … Continue reading

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When You Wish Upon A Lawsuit

Ever had a date go very, very badly and wish you could sue someone over it? Here’s one from the archives that addresses that issue…

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Genie, Tired Of His Dependence On The Bottle, Enters Rehab

The Genie is out of the bottle, Modern Philosophers.  At least that is the wish Gustavo the Genie hopes is granted now that he has agreed to enter Rehab at an undisclosed location. “I have become far too dependent upon … Continue reading

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