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I’m Sorry I Forgot Your Name

Dear Aaron, I owe you a major apology. You have been the lead character of my running Sunday short stories series for months now. Your weekly conversations with Holly are a big favorite on the blog, and my followers adore … Continue reading

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No Pitchforks!

The Devil glared at me defiantly from the doorway to the living room. As always, he was dressed in an impeccably tailored suit, but today, he also wore a frown and had his arms crossed over his chest. He looked … Continue reading

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The Gorgeous Girl in the Hideous Hoodie

Justin and Marc always sat at the outermost table in the busy quad because they thought it gave them the best view for people watching. At the moment, however, both young men were clearly more interested in their phones than … Continue reading

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How To Eat Girl Scout Cookies (Gargoyle Not Included)

I’ve given it a lot of Deep Thought, Modern Philosophers, and I’ve determined that the best way to eat Girl Scout Cookies is up on the roof, with your Gargoyle, as you unwind from another day in the trenches. I … Continue reading

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