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The Methodical De-Scrooging Of Austin The Grinch

Santa Claus was telling me the other day, Modern Philosophers, that part of the magic of Christmas is that it means something different to everyone. The big guy tends to get philosophical when the eggnog is flowing, but I had … Continue reading

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Free Food Always Helps

I don’t know what day of the week it is where you are, Modern Philosophers, but it is definitely Monday here. And it wasn’t one of those good Mondays, either. If those mythical creatures even exist. It was 20 degrees … Continue reading

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Coast Guard Rescues Maine Man From Viral Bermuda Triangle

“I didn’t even realize the Coast Guard operated on land,” Andrew Harkins told this Modern Philosopher as he pulled a blanket tighter around him and sipped his tea.  “If they didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here right now.” We … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Of Working Imperial HR

A long time ago, In a galaxy Far, far away, Someone Had to be working In the Imperial Human Resources Department. I can Only imagine The nightmare That job Must have been. All the Stormtroopers Looked exactly The same. How … Continue reading

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Every Room Comes Without A View

It was almost as if my coworkers and I were unwitting participants in a grand psychological experiment, Modern Philosophers. As if our Post Traumatic Snow Disorder wasn’t enough, the doctors wanted to see what would happen if they added a … Continue reading

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Would You Like Your Burger Medium Soaked Or Well Drenched?

It’s Barbecue Thursday, Modern Philosophers. It wouldn’t be Summer in Maine if the grills weren’t lit, and burgers and hot dogs weren’t being prepared for the hungry masses. So, we’re having a giant barbecue at work today to do our … Continue reading

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