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Two Many Cakes?

I walked into work today expecting the worst, Modern Philosophers. I know it’s Friday, which is usually a favorable day of the week, but it was also my last day of work before vacation. You know how such days often … Continue reading

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Dabbling In Exotic Foods

I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, Modern Philosophers. For years, I was paralyzed with fear at the mere thought of change.  Now I’m dabbling in exotic foods like I plan to have my own show on the … Continue reading

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Waiter, There’s A Monkey In My Soup!

As I was mowing the lawn this morning, Modern Philosophers, I got to thinking about how much I hated the task.  Then I wondered how anyone could possibly choose to mow lawns for a living. Shortly thereafter,  I remembered that … Continue reading

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The Snarky Sassy Snapple Sendoff

I am not a fan of change, Modern Philosophers. Change means breaking from my routine, and I am a creature of habit. Of course, there’s that famous quote about insanity being defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting … Continue reading

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Be Filled With The Halloween Spirit!

We’re deep into the Halloween Season, Modern Philosophers, and I feel like I have abandoned you.  For that, I am truly sorry. I wanted to write something tonight so that you know I’m still here, thinking of you, and enjoying … Continue reading

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How To Beat The Week (And Maybe Stay Sane)

If you’re like me, Modern Philosophers, in that you would prefer not to add a straitjacket to your Fall Fashion ensemble, then you need to learn to beat the week. Let’s be honest…the work week is largely responsible for stress … Continue reading

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Idiot Mainer Trades Money For Sweat

In what could go down in the annals, Modern Philosophers, as the worst trade in history after the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees, and Jack trading a cow for “magic” beans, some idiot in Maine today actually … Continue reading

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