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A Man Of Very Few Hats

Have I ever mentioned that I hate change, Modern Philosophers? That was a joke, of course.  I loathe change.  I fear it.  I hide from it in my basement bunker. My stepmother also raised me to be frugal.  She never … Continue reading

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The Week That Wasn’t

This was a very confusing and stressful week, Modern Philosophers. I’ve made it a point to not watch the news anymore, but I’ve had CNN and MSNBC on all day to keep tabs on what is going on with the … Continue reading

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Chicken a la Vacation

I’m on vacation, Modern Philosophers. As always, people are asking me what I’m doing for my vacation. Just like I always do, I tell them: “Not going to work”. I have a tendency to select the Creative Introvert’s Vacation Package: … Continue reading

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I Really Should Try To Remember To Blog…

Hey, Modern Philosophers!  It’s Austin. You guys remember me, right? The interns kept pestering me all day to write a blog post.  Apparently, it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything here. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about you, but … Continue reading

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Chilly Days Are Chili Days

I’m a complicated guy, Modern Philosophers, but I have a very simply cooking philosophy: When it’s chilly, make chili. I’ve had a big pot of chili simmering on the stove all day.  The House on the Hill has never smelled … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts Before Ice Cream

I woke up feeling like crap, Modern Philosophers.  And not just because I knew I had to go to work. Even though I was a tad under the weather, I pushed myself to go for my morning run.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee Club: 4/4/16

Happy Opening Day, Modern Philosophers! Sure, yesterday was technically Opening Day since some baseball games were played, but the Yankees do not start the season until today. That makes today Opening Day, as everything revolves around my beloved Bronx Bombers! … Continue reading

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Why The Super Bowl Makes Time Travel A Necessity

I am a huge sports fan, Modern Philosophers. In my youth, I desperately tried to be an athlete, but I was too small, too scrawny, and too incredibly incompetent at hitting a baseball. That didn’t prevent me, however, from rooting … Continue reading

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If Running Is Wrong, Then I Just Want To Write!

Getting up early to run, working all day, and then staying up late to write monologue jokes for tomorrow night’s taping of The Nite Show is really starting to take its toll, Modern Philosophers. When you factor in that I’ve … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Summer Movies

What a gorgeous Summer Friday night it is at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers! I am out on the porch, legs up on the rail, basking in the sun, and sharing my Deep Thoughts with you. Nights like … Continue reading

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