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Total Eclipse of the Gun Show

Big ideas and grand schemes take up most of the space in my head, Modern Philosophers, but it’s the little things that constantly keep my brain preoccupied. These tiny distractions then derail my progress towards total happiness, and I have … Continue reading

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Being Green Easy It Is Not: I’m No Yoda

I don’t know how Yoda did it, Modern Philosophers. He spent centuries training Jedi Knight candidates, imparting wisdom, and baffling everyone with his odd speaking style. He was tiny, had big ears, and he was green, but everyone agreed that … Continue reading

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A Screenwriter’s Nightmare

I had The strangest Nightmare Earlier this week. I had been hired To rewrite A screenplay For a major studio. I was excited, And eager To prove myself. The director loved My ideas, And all I had to do Was … Continue reading

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Conversation With A Gargoyle Have I

When it finally stopped raining, I went up to the roof to spend some quality time with Gary the Gargoyle. November is a rough month for Gary because it’s when his beautiful Mermaid bride heads south for warmer waters.  I … Continue reading

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