Some Thanksgiving Themed Ponderings to Exercise Your Brain

Some Turkey Day related Deep Thoughts to keep your brain pumping on this frigid November evening…

Do you ever secretly wish that the Pilgrims had come from Italy so that we could have pasta and pizza for Thanksgiving dinner instead of turkey?

Who did the dishes on the first Thanksgiving?

Did the guests at the first Thanksgiving need to take naps after the big meal, or is that whole “turkey makes you sleepy” thing just a myth from our generation?

How soon after the first Thanksgiving meal ended did the local shops start holding their Christmas sales?

Do you think the first Thanksgiving’s version of Black Friday was a huge hunting expedition the next day?

If football had been invented at the time, who would’ve won the First Thanksgiving Day touch football game: Indians or Pilgrims?

Did the Pilgrims invite their new friends back for another big feast on Christmas?

I know the NFL doesn’t have a Pilgrims team, but they do have the Redskins.  How come they don’t play every Thanksgiving?

Who got to keep the leftovers after that initial feast?

Do you ever worry that the balloons in the Thanksgiving Day parade will get blown away by gale force winds and take their poor handlers away with them?

I know these questions are all ridiculous, but if they got you to think, then I’ve succeeded in my mission.  There’s no better thought than a Deep Thought about the holidays.



About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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9 Responses to Some Thanksgiving Themed Ponderings to Exercise Your Brain

  1. Hilarious! I do love my turkey, but being an Italian I could also appreciate a large pan of baked ziti too.

  2. I’m Italian descent….I love Italian food. I just wish I spoke Italian…I’m learning though little by little.

    Turkey giving here we come. hahaha!!!


    If you have time check out my new blog.

    Hairspray Jesus

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