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Character Actors

Since I live alone, I’m always scared half to death whenever a voice addresses me at a time when I should be the only one at The House on the Hill. “I was wondering if you had a second to … Continue reading

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The Good Tipper

“This was a nice surprise,” Nikki beamed as she sat down at the table by the window and blew on her coffee. Nikki was very attractive.  When she smiled, her green eyes sparkled like emeralds, and  the freckles on her … Continue reading

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Waiting Is My Least Favorite Game

I have never been a man of action, Modern Philosophers. Everything I have in life simply fell into my lap, or eventually came to me on its own because it grew frustrated waiting for me to make a move to … Continue reading

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It All Started With The Big Bang

As you might have already figured out, Modern Philosophers, being a writer for a late night TV show has a lot of perks. There’s fame, fortune, celebrity, and getting to cut to the front of the line at the grocery … Continue reading

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Body Double

Jack really hated running. In fact, the only thing he hated more than running was going to work, but at the moment, he wished he were at the office. Anything to not be out on the road, sweating like a … Continue reading

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Wait!!! Dying Of Frustration

Sometimes, I hate it when I’m right, Modern Philosophers. I confessed that I was dragging my feet on writing the Season Finale of my TV series because I didn’t want to be finished spending time with those characters. I also … Continue reading

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Banking On A No Interest Pick Up Line

June was just minding her own business, filling out a deposit slip, when the guy approached her. She was an attractive woman, so this was not the first time a stranger had tried to strike up a conversation, but she’d … Continue reading

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